Cold smoking cheese

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Cold smoking brings more depht of flavour to cheeses.


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Have you tried cold smoking different cheeses?

Almost any kind of cheese can be smoked. The hardness, flavor strength and size of the cheese impacts the smoking time and depth of flavor. As a general rule: The harder and larger the piece of cheese, the longer the allowed smoking time.

Harder cheeses, such as manchego, parmesan and pecorino, take longer to allow the smoke to penetrate the cheese. Soft cheeses, such as mozzarella and brie, take less time to cold smoke. Furthermore, they are often milder in flavor compared to hard cheeses which means that smoking them too long may overpower their original flavor.

You can start experimenting with cold smoking by using shorter smoking times and smaller pieces of cheese. By trying out different smoking times, chips and cheeses, everyone is sure to find their favorite!



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