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BBQ wings

The wings get their flavor from BBQ sauce.


1.5 kg unseasoned chicken wings
1 dl oil
70 g spice rub
2–3 dl ready-made BBQ sauce


Start by combining the spice rub and oil, then pour the mixture on top of the chicken wings, mix carefully and leave in the refrigerator to marinate for 24 hours.

Heat the Kamado to approx. 150 °C and make sure that all of the charcoals are evenly lit. Tip! A chimney starter and the Kamado ignition fan are excellent tools for lighting the charcoals.

Place a few smoking wood chunks over the ember bed and put the heat distributor plate and the grilling grate in place. Set the wings evenly on the grate. If necessary, use an elevated grate in order to fit all the wings at once. Smoke the wings in roughly 150 °C for 30–40 min, occasionally basting them with the BBQ sauce.

Serve the wings with a side such as vegetable sticks and dip made from sour cream or mayonnaise!

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