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Gas grills


High quality gas barbecue in different sizes. Also available in a stainless steel version, Shelbyville.


Versatile Kamado

Kamado has excellent heat retention, which makes it the perfect grill for when you want to grill for long periods at low heat, low & slow. With the optional accessories, even more versatile grilling is possible.

Outdoor fires


Outdoor grill with two grilling grills with adjustable height. In the middle of one grilling grill there is an opening for Multigrill accessories. Possibility to also use a motor rotisserie.


Coconut grill briquettes

Ecological coconut grill briquettes burn cleanly and for a long time.

Gas grills


Powerful infrared and power burners for sealing the meat surface or otherwise efficient grilling. With the Multigrill accessories, you can make your barbecue even more versatile.

Ribs 3-2-1

You can cook ribs in the smoke of the Kamado using the 3-2-1 method, in which the ribs are first smoked for three hours on low heat and then wrapped in Butcher Paper for two hours. For the last one hour, the ribs are cooked without paper in a higher temperature, regularly basting them with BBQ sauce.

Gas grills

Is it time to get a new grill? A quality gas grill will last for years. We have a range of grills in different sizes and with different equipment to suit your needs. Take a look at our grills and choose yours.

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grilling has a genuine and smoky authentic barbecue atmosphere. In addition to traditional kettle grills, we also offer larger charcoal grills and smaller takeaway grills.

Barbecue grilling

In barbecue grilling, smoke circulates around the food being grilled, cooking slowly over low heat, low & slow, bringing a special tenderness and smoky nuance to the meat.


Smoking is one of the most delicious ways to cook. You can get more flavour from smoking chips and chunks of different types of wood.


Would you like to make the best pizza in the world in your own backyard? With a pizza oven you can create the flavours and atmosphere of an authentic Italian pizzeria.

Outdoor fires

There is something mysterious and ancient about fire. What could be more soothing than sitting in the darkening evening and staring into the fire. Our outdoor fireplaces create a magical moment in your garden, while preparing delicious food.


With the right grilling equipment, you can do it. Even more versatile grilling with accessories.

Can chicken

Can chicken is cooked in a chicken roaster with a liquid reservoir. Use the tray part of the roaster for roasting vegetables, which will be flavored by the fluid dripping from the chicken.

Pulled pork

Pulled pork gets extra flavour from the beer.


Tips and instructions for successful grilling