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Good times guaranteed

Who does not love a great barbecue: plenty of sun, mouth-watering smells and aromas from the grill, and tastes that are simple, yet incredibly flavoursome. A great grill will serve you with great food for years, and it will become a source of memories of times spent together with family and friends. The starting point for Mustang was people’s wish to enjoy cooking with their families or friends in an unhurried, relaxed way. Spending time together eating good food is the highlight of any day.

You can always try something new while grilling, and all grilling methods are allowed. One person grills sausages and steaks for the ravenous guests while the other grills scallops for a fancy dinner. Sometimes, what counts is to prepare the food as quickly as possible; the next day, you may stew the roast around the clock. The Mustang collection includes everything you need to set up your barbecue, including items that will satisfy even the most demanding BBQ enthuasiats. Our collection of grills includes options for every type of home cook – from large gas grills all the way to small, compact grills, all taking into account different kinds of grilling. Each Mustang product is polished to the last detail. Mustang products have all the essential functionality required of a product and nothing excessive. With Mustang’s extensive range of grilling accessories, you can grill all types of foods with minimal effort and zero stress. Be it meat, vegetables or fish, our specially designed accessories will ensure that you end up with results that are supremely effortless. The product range also offers accessories for lighting and serving. And once the meal is over, with Mustang’s cleaning products you will have no trouble cleaning all your grates, griddles and stainless steel surfaces.

Mustang keeps abreast of the times. You can always find new goodies to enjoy alongside old classics. Your desire to experiment grows boundless; you get hooked on grilling, and the only gauge of success is a delectable end result. Our goal is that people get the most out of their grills. We share the best grilling tips and the most delicious recipes so that you can enjoy your grilling even more.

Mustang is a brand owned by Tammer Brands Oy. Tammer Brands is a strongly international company motivated by improving people`s quality of life through easily available, well thought-out and diverse products that bring joy and benefit to the end-users. If products bring joy, benefit and ease of daily life to their end-users, as well as supports the business of the customers who serve as dealers, Tammer Brands have succeeded in building and productising our brands. Tammer Brands mission, the desire to improve the quality of peoples lives, starts from understanding the needs and problems of daily life and different people. Each of Tammer Brands` brands helps people to enjoy life more.

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