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For good moments

A barbecue is associated with nothing but good things: sunny days, mouth-watering aromas and simple yet full flavours. A high-quality grill will serve you for years and help you make memories with family and friends. This is the idea that Mustang was born out of: the desire to enjoy unrushed cooking with family and friends. Spending time together and enjoying good food is the highlight of each day.

When grilling, you can always try new things and all methods are accepted. Someone may grill traditional sausages and steaks for those who are hungry like a wolf, while someone else may prepare mussels for a festive dinner. Some days, all that matters is getting food on the table quickly, and on another day, a roast may be prepared for a full day. A Mustang grill user varies their grilling methods. To them, the process is just as important as the delicious food. Best homemade pizza in the world is also a part of their everyday life. Mustang indulges pizza makers with an extensive selection of high-quality pizza ovens and pizza supplies.

For grilling, Mustang offers everything customers need and meets the demands of the most serious grill users. Our grill selection includes grills for various uses, from large gas grills to handy kettle grills. We pay attention to the different grilling methods.

Each Mustang product is finished with care. The products have all the essential functionalities that users may need. To complement the grills, Mustang grilling supplies make barbecues easy. Preparing meat, vegetables or fish is effortless with supplies designed for each type of dish. The product line also includes supplies for ignition and serving. The carefully selected Mustang cleaning supplies help you keep the grates, griddles and stainless steel surfaces sparkling.

The lively Mustang keeps up with the times. There are always new delicacies to be added to old classics. Grilling inspires a never-ending desire to try new things. The only meter needed for experimentation is successful results. We want grill users to get the most out of their grills. This is why we also offer proven tips and wonderful recipes – for you to succeed and enjoy grilling even more. Let us create a grilling culture where all methods are accepted.

Mustang is a brand owned by Tammer Brands Oy. Tammer Brands is a highly international company motivated to improve people’s quality of life through readily available, curated and diverse products that bring joy and use to their end users. When the products bring joy, use and ease to their end users and also support the business of retailer customers, the brand-building and productisation has been successful. Tammer Brands’ mission – the desire to improve people’s quality of life – starts from understanding the needs and challenges of everyday life and different people. Tammer Brands help people enjoy life even more.

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