Oktoberfest pulled pork

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Pulled pork gets extra flavour from the beer.


approx. 2 kg pork shoulder

2 dl Dijon mustard (don’t hesitate to try the flavored versions as well)

2–3 dl spice rub (add more salt if you want)

1 l German-type lager


Take the meat out of the refrigerator roughly two hours before cooking. Heat the Mustang Kamado to 150 degrees. Place the meat in a suitable baking dish. Rub mustard and spice rub all over the meat. Add a few smoking wood chunks to the grill and place a heat deflector plate inside the grill. Put a water dish on top of the heat deflector plate so you get moisture in the grill and the meat does not dry out. Roast with the hood closed for roughly 1–2 hours.

Add the lager. You can also inject the lager into the meat using an injector. Lower the heat to around 100–125 degrees using the air vents and smoke the meat for another 3–6 hours, until the internal temperature of the meat is around 93 degrees, at which point the meat is ready to be pulled.

Serve the meat with sauerkraut. Tip: you can also strain and thicken the broth to make a tasty sauce for the pork!


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