Brisket on the Kamado

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Succeed in smoking a beef brisket in a kamado. The tender and delicious brisket works with roasted vegetables, coleslaw and a variety of bbq sauces.


1 beef brisket (6–9 kg)
3–5 dl 10% brine
1–2 dl fine sea salt
roughly 1–1/2 dl ground black pepper

Smoking wood chunks
Butcher Paper


Start by trimming excess fat off the brisket. Salt the brisket with 10% brine, using an injector. Rub salt and black pepper onto the surface of the meat.

Heat the Mustang Kamado with charcoal to roughly 100–120 °C. Place 3–4 smoking wood chunks among the embers. Place the heat distribution plate onto the Kamado. You can also place an aluminum tray filled with water onto the plate to humidify the grill. The tray will also conveniently catch the fat dripping from the brisket. Next, the put the grilling grate in place and place the brisket on it fatty side down. Stick a meat thermometer into the brisket and close the grill lid. Smoke the brisket until the internal temperature reaches roughly 70 °C. This can take 5–7 hours depending on the temperature and the size of the brisket.

Next, remove the brisket from the Kamado and wrap it in Butcher Paper. Stick the meat thermometer sensor back into the brisket and close the grill lid. Let the brisket cook for another 5–7 hours, until the internal temperature reaches 95 °C.

Remove the brisket from the Kamado and place it in a cooler in the Butcher Paper. This will create an insulating effect and keep the brisket warm. Let the brisket rest for at least a couple of hours before cutting it.

Cut the brisket and serve with a side such as roasted or grilled vegetables. Coleslaw and different BBQ sauces are also excellent with the brisket!

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