Can chicken

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Can chicken is cooked in a chicken roaster with a liquid reservoir. Use the tray part of the roaster for roasting vegetables, which will be flavored by the fluid dripping from the chicken.


1 whole chicken
1–2 dl liquid for the roaster (e.g., beer, chicken stock)
40–60 g fine sea salt
50 g butter
4–6 early potatoes
2 carrots in semi-large pieces
2 onions in wedges
Lemon slices, herbs


You can use a chicken roaster to cook an entire chicken conveniently on the grill. The reservoir in the middle of the roaster is filled with liquid, such as beer, cider, wine or chicken stock. If you use beer as the liquid, you can flavor it with herbs, for example.

Start by rubbing salt evenly on the chicken, on both the outside and the inside. You can carefully slide ingredients such as lemon slices, pepper or herbs under the skin. Dabs of butter under the skin will make the skin especially crisp. Next, place the chicken on the roaster, over the filled reservoir.

You can place ingredients such as chopped root vegetables and potatoes in the tray of the roaster, whereby they will be roasted as the chicken cooks. The root vegetables will be flavored by the fluid dripping from the chicken.

Place the chicken on the Mustang Kamado grate with a heat distribution plate in roughly 150–175 °C. The chicken will be done in 90 minutes at the latest, depending on the size of the bird. You can also use a meat thermometer to monitor the doneness. The chicken will be cooked when the internal temperature is 75 °C under the breast.

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