Multigrill revamps grilling

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Mustang Multigrill is a novelty that makes a grill into a versatile outdoor kitchen. You no longer have to make do with only a grate or griddle; you can now have, say, a paella pan, pizza stone or cast-iron casserole dish installed in your grill. The Mustang Multigrill therefore means the more effective utilisation of your grill to cook different kinds of foods. Multigrill-compatible grills have a special Multigrill grate, in the middle of which is a round grate 30 cm in diameter, in place of which you can select the item you want from Multigrill’s extensive range of accessories. You decide what your grill will include. So are you ready to create your own grilling experience?

A more versatile grill

The range of Multigrill accessories includes a stainless steel paella pan, which you can use not only to make paella but also, say, to fry vegetables. The cast iron griddle pan brings the features of a griddle to grilling, and its lower edges prevent finely chopped food from falling off the griddle. In their barbecuing, many swear by griddles. With the round Multigrill griddle, grills equipped with a grate get a small, smooth and even place for frying. A gas or charcoal grill is also a wonderful pizza oven. What could be handier than putting a pizza stone in the middle of the grilling grate. With a Multigrill pizza stone, you can do just that.

Sapphire Multigrill accessories

The Mustang Sapphire range of grills contains its own accessories compatible with Sapphire Multigrill. In addition to around grate and griddle, the range also has its own Sapphire-range pizza stone with handy lifting handles. The Sapphire range also contains a paella pan. With the large 7 L Sapphire cast-iron casserole dish, you can stew different kinds of food in your grill for a long time. How does Karelian stew prepared on your grill sound? For lovers of oriental food, the Sapphire wok pan is an excellent choice. The Sapphire grills’ ring burner guarantees the high temperatures that a wok pan needs.

The accessories in the Mustang Sapphire range can also be used in other Mustang grills, or other Multigrill accessories can be used in Sapphire grills. It’s also worth trying out all Multigrill accessories in charcoal grills. The aroma of smoke gives a fantastic taste to pizzas or wok food.