Beef burgers and quinoa and black bean burgers

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Surprise your family and friends with a burger buffet where everyone gets to choose what they eat. Choose from a juicy and flavourful hamburger made from purebred beef or an incredibly quick and easy-to-make veggie burger.
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For the beef burgers:

600 g fresh purebred beef mince (approx. 20% fat)

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


For the veggie burgers:

100 g quinoa

250 g cooked black beans

2 eggs

2 dl kale

2 bulbs solo garlic

2 dl chopped herbs (basil, parsley, thyme)

55 g walnuts

3 tbsp potato starch

Seasonings to taste: salt, pepper, cayenne, smoked paprika and cumin


For the roasted pepper mayonnaise:

2 sweet long peppers

2 bulbs solo garlic

1 to 2 fresh chillies

300 ml full fat mayonnaise

Salt and pepper



To make the mayonnaise, roast the peppers, garlic and chillies on a grill. Remove and let cool. Blitz together with the mayonnaise and salt and pepper and a sprinkling of sugar with a stick blender until smooth.


Veggie burgers are quick and easy to make. Cook the quinoa following the package directions and let cool. Next, put the rest of the ingredients into a bowl and use a stick blender to grind to, if you like, a slightly coarse consistency. This will give the patties a distinct texture. Then mix in the quinoa and place in the refrigerator for a while to let the flavours develop.


Beef mince with a high fat content is perfect for the meat burgers. The mince should have approximately 20% fat. You should ask your butcher for tips on choosing the right mince, which will also give you the assurance that the meat will be fresh. It’s a snap to make the patties in a hamburger press, which will also remove all of the air and make them nice and even. You won’t need to season them with anything else other than salt and freshly ground black pepper.


The cooking time for the beef burgers depends a great deal on their thickness and how done you like your meat. 2 to 3 minutes per side is a good start. Of course, a more well-done burger will take more time. Fry the veggie burgers in plenty of oil in a cast iron pan to get them crispy and flavourful. The cooking time is roughly the same as the meat burger. Golden fried halloumi is a perfect accompaniment to the veggie burger.


Hamburger buns from a bakery or found at the bakery section of a grocery store are perfect to put the patties on. And everyone can choose their favourite toppings. The classics include, of course, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickles. You can also add, for example, various types of marinated vegetables, sprouts and shoots.

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