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Whitefish cooked in a gridiron

Make delicious whitefish in a grill using a gridiron.


1 whole whitefish (descaled and gutted)

1 lemon

1 bundle of dill

salt and white pepper from a grinder



Start by seasoning the whitefish thoroughly with salt and pepper, also on the inside. Another alternative is to salt the whitefish beforehand in brine. Leave the whitefish overnight in 10% brine in the refrigerator (10 dl water/1 dl salt).

Slice the lemon and cut the dill into whole stems. Place the lemons and dill inside the whitefish and place the fish in the gridiron.

Grill the whole whitefish with medium heat for approx. 25–40 minutes depending on the size of the fish. The fish is cooked and juicy when the dorsal fin comes out easily when pulled or the inner temperature is 50–55 degrees Celsius.


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