Barbecue grilling

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Barbecuing has already broken through in most of the Nordic and Baltic countries, and its popularity continues to grow. Why is that?

In barbecuing, meat is cooked for a long time at low temperature, making it very tender and delicately flavoured. Often, barbecuing utilises the smoke circulating around the meat in order to cook the meat so, in barbecuing, smoking and grilling combine their powers. Learn about Mustang barbecues and master a new way of grilling.

Unique, revamped Kamado

Kamado grills have played a major role in the breakthrough of barbecuing. Their unique capacity to store heat makes it easy to cook large pieces of meat at low temperatures over a long period of time. For the coming barbecue season, Mustang has introduced some completely new Kamado barbecues. Several years have been spent on their design and material development. We began developing them from the users’ perspective. Mustang Kamado barbecues are beginning to challenge the major international brands in terms of their quality and features. You can find more information about them in the dedicated Kamado barbecue section.

A small piece of America

In America, they use off-set smokers/barbecues in the cooking of brisket or ribs. These have their own separate fire chamber from which smoke and heat are fed to a separate smoking/barbecuing chamber. We at Mustang have been following the development of different devices on the market, and we have taken advantage of our own first-hand experiences with this equipment. The result is the new Georgia off-set smoker. It is a perfect package for barbecuing. In developing the product, we have introduced unique features to it such as the possibility of using an electric motor-driven rotisserie spit in the off-set smoker. Read more about this in the dedicated Georgia section.

Modest pellets

Grills that burn pellets are making a breakthrough this spring. Their use is becoming an everyday thing amongst barbecuers. In short, pellet grills generate heat in themselves by burning different kinds of wooden pellets. The burning of pellets generates smoke, which flavours the food to be barbecued. Each different type of wood has its own unique flavour. By using different pellets, you can give your food different flavours. Mustang Houston is our first pellet grill. It doesn’t make a song and dance about itself, it’s a workhorse and meets all the requirements set for pellet grills. Read separately about our unique pellets.

Uncomplicated Pispala

Mustang Pispala is a charcoal smoker with unique properties. The materials of the Pispala have been carefully considered so that we can  introduce a high-quality product to the market at a reasonable price. We are thus putting barbecuing, or smoking, in reach of everyone. In the Pispala, the embers burn in a separate container, the material of which is guaranteed to last for a very long time. With this detachable ash container, you can easily extract used ash from the smoker. The ash container also serves as heat protection plate. You don’t need any other special plates under the smoker to protect the base. With the air regulation valves, it is possible to make really precise adjustments to get an even heat inside the smoker. The handle on the lid is thermally insulated, so you can lift it during smoking without fearing that it will burn your hand. Because we know that, in barbecuing, the temperature is a very important thing, in the Pispala it is possible to put the sensors of a separate thermometer through the special opening in the smoker. In that way, the sensor wires do not need to go between the lid and the body of the device, which would leave the lid slightly open. When we begin to develop new products, we take into account the opinions of users and we do things in our own way. As only Mustang can.

Let the smoke circulate

Hot smoking is an element of barbecuing if you slightly expand its concept. It is a question of cooking with smoke and heat. The new gas smokers, Kymi and Teno, are an extension of the Mustang development work. They have their own hatch through which it is possible to add smoking dust or fluid in a dedicated bowl without having to open the whole front door. In that way, heat and smoke remain in the smoking chamber. A small but important matter.